Monday, January 9, 2023

Council Decides What Gets Its Support

At a special meeting tonight, the members of the Common Council voted 7 to 4 to support Phase One of the redevelopment of the former Kaz site in its pursuit of a Restore NY grant. 

Those voting in support of the resolution were councilmembers Theo Anthony (Fourth Ward), Art Frick (First Ward), Margaret Morris (First Ward), Mohammed Rony (Second Ward), Dewan Sarowar (Second Ward), Malachi Walker (Fourth Ward), and Council president Tom DePietro. Those opposed were councilmembers Vicky Daskaloudi (Fifth Ward), Amber Harris (Third Ward), Dominic Merante (Fifth Ward), and Ryan Wallace (Third Ward).

Because the resolution to support the Kaz project passed, the resolution to support the Pocketbook Factory adaptive reuse was not voted on.  


  1. Work on the PBF has been scant since around Christmas. No more noise, machinery, workers. Wonder if they ran out of money already.
    But, they still leave ALL 50 or so light bulbs inside burning 24/7. It's such a lovely sight at night, all that waste, light pollution and disrespect. They could have used that million $ to help pay the electricity bill. Too bad for them.

  2. Another example of people coming to Hudson to think they can make it big. Some do but, sadly, a lot don't (think Richard Cohen and the "hotel" on 4th and Warren that never appeared for 10+ years or Marina Abramovic's attempted reuse of the Community Tennis building). It takes money to run a business whether big or small. Maybe the PBF guys did run out of money or maybe they ran out of interest.