Thursday, January 12, 2023

Relief from Medical Debt for Hudson Residents

The Spark of Hudson announced today that, in partnership with the Eutopia Foundation, an agreement has been reached with Columbia Memorial Health (CMH) to satisfy CMH hospital medical debt incurred by City of Hudson residents. The following is quoted from the press release that made the announcement:
In total, $1.5 million in debt has been discharged by his initiative, with 1,156 Hudson residents benefiting. Outstanding payments no longer due include debts currently being paid off via hospital payment plans as well as those that have been sent to collection agencies for satisfaction. "We're thrilled to be able to help so many Hudson residents," comments Susan Danziger, founder of the Spark of Hudson. She adds: "We also imagine this will help improve residents' credit scores."
According to Danziger, CMH is sending formal notices to eligible Hudson residents indicating the debts that have been discharged. She remarks, "We have no idea who those residents are--all information about them and their cases is rightly being kept confidential."

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