Friday, January 6, 2023

Of Interest

Upper Depot Brewing Company was reviewed in Chronogram today: "Hop Abroad: Upper Depot Brewing Opens in Historic Hudson Train Station."


  1. Strangely, the parking lot (of crushed stone) for the brewery is not accessible. The lot was always part of the project, I believe, as presented to the Planning Board. If the business is open, customers should be parking in the lot, not in the residential neighborhood that surrounds. But this is Galvan, so anything goes.

    1. That was never meant to be a parking lot. It is eventually to be landscaped. It has gravel now because it is going to be a staging area during the construction in Phase 2--the apartment building 76 North Seventh Street.

  2. I went there yesterday, the interior looks good. Apparently the plan is to have a food truck parked outside. And patrons are also welcome to bring their own food from other sources.