Thursday, January 19, 2023

Meeting Reminder

Tomorrow night, Friday, January 29, Friends of the Public Square (FOPS) holds a panel discussion and conversation on the role of policing, social services, and mental health providers in addressing issues of law and civility in our public spaces, particularly, in Seventh Street Park, a.k.a. the Public Square. The meeting takes place from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at the Hudson Area Library. For more information and a list of panel participants, click here.

If you plan to attend the meeting, be ready to mask up. Because the COVID level in Columbia County is currently "High," masks are required in all library spaces.


  1. Who created that fantasyland depiction of the 7th street park? Someone who doesn't live in Hudson, I hope.

  2. While I admire the fact that there is going to be a discussion about issues at/in the park, let's face it - it's just words. Sorry (not sorry) to be a cynic but these problems aren't new and people have been "talking about doing something" for years. FOPS is to be commended for their work thus far but, like almost all issues like this, in the end what will be done about it? Just like those same issues; nothing.

    1. Just returned from meeting. At most 5 percent of the talk had anything to do directly with the park. Plenty of talk about a "safe place" for the homeless to be built near the jail, MAYBE. This is supposed to solve the problem at the park.