Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Dunn Warehouse Update

In October 2023, the Common Council accepted a plan for the redevelopment of the Dunn Warehouse submitted be CGS Group in response to an RFP issued in April 2023 and authorized the mayor to enter into an agreement with the CGS Group, a partnership of Caitlin Baiada, Gabriel Katz, and Sean Roland. The agreement involved a ninety-day due diligence period.

Although the agreement was authorized six months ago, the contract was actually signed only recently. Mayor's aide Michael Hofmann told the Council at its informal meeting last night that the due diligence period would end in June. During the due diligence period the group said they would be conducting community visioning/focus groups. So far, to Gossips' knowledge, none has been scheduled or has taken place.

The plan for the building proposed by the CGS Group includes two commercial spaces, available for lease to waterfront-related businesses, and a food and beverage space, for a casual restaurant or concession, in the north section of the building, and an events space, available for private events and "at a steeply discounted rate for community or municipal events," in the south section of the building. The plan also includes an outdoor pool, open to Hudson residents, with sliding scale memberships.

What is important to remember about the plan being proposed is that the CGS Group would not purchase the building. Rather they would enter into a thirty-year lease on the building and the City of Hudson would retain ownership.

The presentation of the proposal for the Dunn warehouse made to the Common Council on October 2023 can be seen in the Zoom recording of the meeting, beginning at 1:35:30.

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