Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Ear to the Ground

learned today that mayor's aide Michael Hofmann is resigning to take another job. Given that Hofmann is the City's ADA coordinator in the settlement with the Department of Justice, all inquiries to the mayor's office seem to be referred to him, his presence is required to make remote meetings work, and he is the one who posts the videos on YouTube, it will be very hard to find someone who can replace him.


  1. A giant thank you to Michael for his hard work!
    And good luck to whatever comes next.

  2. Mr. Hoffman brought a sorely-needed degree of professionalism to the mayor’s office, at least in the limited interactions I’ve had with him. Best of luck to him in his new endeavor-his absence will be felt.

  3. Michael has ben an asset to Hudson, especially in this administration. I wish him the best. As Carole mentioned, he shows up to every city meeting to make sure the online presence is functioning. I'm afraid we're in for a dark period of transparency if this void if not filled. I would suggest broadcasting meetings live on YouTube, rather than posting after the fact, like the Planning Board does