Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Restore New York . . . Again

Last month, Gossips reported that Eu Ting-Zambuto, director of development for Mountco, the Hudson Housing Authority's director of development, told the HHA Board of Commissioners that the City would be supporting an application for Restore New York funding for HHA's redevelopment project. That, it appears, was a bit of an overstatement.

Ting-Zambuto and John Madeo of Mountco, at an HHA meeting last July
At the HHA meeting last night, Jeffrey Dodson, executive director of HHA, said that he and Revonda Smith, who chairs the Board of Commissioners, along with representative(s) from Mountco, would be at tonight's Council meeting to make a presentation. It seems there are two projects in Hudson seeking Restore NY funding, and because Restore NY applications must be initiated by a municipality, and a municipality can propose only project in each round, the Council must decide which project will get the City's support. 

It will be remembered that last year, the Council had to decide between two projects to support for Restore NY funding: the redevelopment of the Pocketbook Factory and the redevelopment of the former Kaz site. The Council opted for the latter.

It is not known what other project is vying for Restore NY funding, but it is hard to imagine how the HHA project, which involves demolishing a fifty-year-old structure and altering the street grid in a manner that never existed before, falls under the rubric "Restore New York," but you never know.

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