Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Plans for HHA's Redevelopment

Later today, the Common Council holds a special meeting to decide if it will support an application for Restore New York funding for the Hudson Housing Authority's redevelopment plans. So far, the public has gotten very little information about what's being proposed, except that the project will more than double the number of dwelling units managed by HHA, build on three parcels currently owned by Hudson Community Development & Planning Agency, close one block of State Street to vehicular traffic and extend First Street for a block, and cost $220 million. No information has been provided about what the buildings will look like, although the public is assured they will "fit it" with the historic architecture of Hudson and "mitigate the stigma of affordable housing."

Recently, Gossips acquired copies of the master plans for the project, which are shared below. They seem to involve not only extending First Street from Columbia to State but also reinstating Lombard Street, which doesn't exist today. (Click on the images below to enlarge.)

Today's special Common Council meeting happens at 6:00 p.m. The meeting is a hybrid, taking place in person at City Hall and on Microsoft Teams. Click here for the link to join the meeting remotely.


  1. My 2 cents--

    The City should make every effort to improve living conditions for those who already live here. Opening the door to more impoverished people is bad social policy on every level. Did we learn nothing from the 1970's?

    1. According to, 23.3% of Hudson residents are currently living in poverty. That is high for a city with a population this small. It's hard to understand the logic of proactively increasing those numbers to make them comparable with large, depressed urban areas like Newburgh, Albany and the Bronx.

  2. Great plan, it looks like a new Urban Hellscape. This neighborhood can be renamed, Hudson Hell.