Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is It Hudson or Bedford Falls?

On Saturday, Gossips reported seeing a "For Rent" sign on the former General Worth birthplace. Not long after, similar signs were noticed on these two houses which Galvan Partners built on the corner of Union and First streets.

Why do these signs conjure up thoughts of Mr. Henry F. Potter in It's a Wonderful Life-- the richest man in Bedford Falls and the owner of half of it?


  1. Do these houses even have a C of O?
    What is the monthly rent?
    Are the utilities hooked up? Can someone read a book at night, look at their computer, run a fan, do laundry, make pasta, bake a ham, or take a crap in these houses yet?
    Is there a useable back yard?
    Am I the only one who finds this bizarre?
    Or does one rent them with the stipulation that the lease starts in September, for example?
    I am so weirded out by this.....
    Someone should ask Mr. Swope to explain what is going on here!!

  2. 211 has its CO. 102-104 don't yet, but will before anyone can occupy them, obviously. We need to grade the back, and fence the separate yards, there is work remaining to be done. But we'd thought we'd let people see them who might be interested in renting them, with the understanding that they can't be moved until until finished. All the utilities are in, plumbing working, etc.

  3. Could some please explain the hostility expressed in the first comment? It's common practice to advertise properties as they're nearing completion so I don't understand the overt nastiness. I'm confused!

  4. I am grateful for Mr. Swope's response, which clears up some of my bafflement.

    @Micheltorena: If you view my comments as hostile, so be it. I am very concerned about any moves (and there are so many all of the sudden) that Messrs. Galloway and van A. make around Hudson. The scope and intent of their new foundation is very vague: historic preservation? real estate development? commercial development for the City of Hudson's agencies (courts, library, police station)? the proprosed introduction of two subsidized housing units/shelters/supportive whatevers? the solicitation of federal, state and county money to run programs to help people who are left out of Hudson's success (to paraphrase the Galvan Foundation website)?
    Is no one allowed to question what is going on? Are we all lemmings? Why does this foundation seem to have its fingers in dozens of pies around Hudson all at once? Does Mr. Galloway have ADD? Is Mr. van A so tremendously rich that his aloof, imperial partner Eric G. can play monopoly at whim with unlimited capital with an up and coming tiny city? Why is a five (?) term mayor and current ward supervisor sitting on the board of this foundation, other than to grease the wheels and make sure that the Olde Tymey Hudsonians of the 5th Ward can continue to suckle at the proverbial welfare industry tit?
    I do find it strange to list a property for rent when it appears not to be completely finished, but, since I haven't rented or been a landlord in many years, maybe I am out of it!
    And how can a man who drives a Bentley, went to Harvard, worked at Davis, Polk, etc., etc., who has columns and grand flourishes all over his property, and sticks his nose up in the air, swans around with complete smugness and looks right through elected officials as they walk down the street, allow American Glory to put up a pig in the poke, "white trash" fence on a major corner on Warren Street? Is Eric G. even sane?
    I do wonder.