Monday, March 14, 2011

Hudson on TV

Gossips has received word that a fictitious penal institution called Maybelle Minimum Security Prison located in Hudson, NY, is one of the settings for a new A&E series called Breakout Kings. I haven't seen it, but from a really brief time spent on the website, I gather that the series is about a special task force created to hunt down escaped prisoners throughout the Northeast. Since two members of the task force are former fugitives, I think the task force may work out of the fictitious Hudson prison. 

If any readers are familiar with this series, which started on March 6, please post a comment to provide more information or correct misinformation. The show airs on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on A&E.   


  1. Great series , will get picked up season after season I'm a follower, watching as I type

  2. Ummm, I live in Hudson. And been here my whole 24 years alive. And this place does not exist im hudson. Being a fireman in this city, I would know if it did.

  3. There is in fact a medium security prison in hudson.. Fondly known by it's residents as camp walk away.. It is there.. Has been there for quite awhile. The name given in breakout kings is fictitious .. And the picture above actually looks like Columbia Greene community college which is a few miles up the road.. I don't know where Jeremy lives.. But you can google the prison .. It's there..

    Former resident of Hudson NY

  4. Ok this is not Hudson corr. As the prison is nowhere near the bridge or the river, for two Hudson correctional is not called camp walk away... I have never heard the name before and I have friends in there now so that bit of history is false, and the picture is by far not col.-Greene either I am an alumni of there and have never seen this place before and finally the bridge does not look like RVW because it lacks the open end on Columbia county side where the prison is and there is not that much stuff on the shore in Greene county, it dies however look like the beacon and the waterfront looks like newburg...