Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"There Are None So Blind . . . "

The Register-Star published today what appears to be a press release from Congressman Chris Gibson's office: "Gibson maintains support of nuclear power." It contains this memorable quote from the man who represents us in the House: “Energy is a passion for me because it can be a game changer for our economy.” Well, that could sure be true . . . but not necessarily in a good way.

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  1. Could his timing be anymore inappropriate? They've yet to extinguish the reactor fires and hes touting his Nuke resolution?? Simultaneously, Germany closes all pre-1980 plants, and Switzerland freezes all new plant construction...

    I hope this teaches the democrats why they need to stop licking the loafers of ex-financiers. Much less running one of them against a local veteran. We've been trying to close Indian Point for years, and now I've got a congressman who has a Marines resolve to build one where I live.