Friday, March 18, 2011

Scalera "Not Terribly Pleased"

Yesterday, the Register-Star reported Mayor Rick Scalera's intention to run for county supervisor representing the Fifth Ward: "Scalera announces run for supervisor." Scalera spoke of his new political direction in an interview with Victor Mendolia and Register-Star reporter Francesca Olsen on the WGXC program @Issue. Jamie Larson picked up the news and reported it in the Register-Star. Frankly, Gossips considered it such old news that we didn't bother publishing a link to Larson's story. In the summer of 2009, Scalera promised the Democratic Committee, when seeking its endorsement, that this would be his last term as mayor. In October 2010, Scalera told a handpicked group gathered at Eric Galloway's mansion on Allen Street that he wasn't going to run to mayor again but would instead seek office at the county level. By this time, many have already figured out that the office he was planning to seek was Fifth Ward Supervisor. 

Today Larson reports that Mayor Scalera was "not terribly pleased" to have his intention to run to for Fifth Ward Suprvisor announced in the Register-Star and was concerned about being perceived as a "lame duck" mayor: "Scalera wants to move things forward." Could it be that Scalera thought announcing it on WGXC didn't constitute going public with his intention? And why, when most observers knew that he'd said on several occasions that he wasn't going to run for mayor again, would he suddenly become a lame duck when his plan to run for supervisor was reported in the Register-Star?    

A Clarification  Mayor Scalera contacted Gossips a couple hours after this post was first published to explain that the cause of his displeasure was not the announcement in the Register-Star of his intention to run for Fifth Ward Supervisor, which he acknowledged was generally known, but the expectation, on the part of the Register-Star reporter, that, seven months before the election, he was ready to start campaigning.  

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