Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the Waterfront: About Docks

The project Gossips reported on back in October--to install docks for 20 to 25 kayaks and other small craft known as "car-toppers" in the old ferry slips at Henry Hudson Riverfront Park--has begun. This morning, the first step of the process--installing the piers in the riprap--was halfway complete. The next step, according to the process outlined by Mayor Rick Scalera in October, is to install the arms that extend out into the slips. Finally, the docks themselves get snapped into place. The docks project, which also involves doubling the length of the City dock, where the Spirit of Hudson is moored, is being funded by a grant for $250,000 and additional $76,000 appropriated by the Common Council last fall from the City's fund balance.

Also this morning, just a few yards away at the Holcim dock, a barge was tied up and being loaded with gravel.

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