Monday, March 28, 2011

More About the Endorsements

Today, the Register-Star published its coverage of last night's fundraiser for the Democrats: "City Dems make endorsements." It contains one new bit of information: it was announced that Carmine Pierro, the mayor's aide, would be running for alderman in the Fifth Ward, although he has not yet been officially endorsed.

The article also contains this rather remarkable quote: "Mendolia said the name recognition of Scalera and Thurston and their well known political records gives [sic] the party a strong chance to unify all five supervisors under the same party banner—something he hopes will help Hudson be more strongly represented on the county level. With Goetz leaving as well, Mendolia said that as party chairman he is excited by the potential of his party holding every government seat in the city. 'What’s going on this time is huge,' Mendolia said, 'it’s a unified ticket. We will prevail.'” You have to wonder how Mendolia defines unified. 


  1. It's unified if that word is defined as "the candidates are all running as Democrats." It's not unified to the extent that a number of Democratic committeemen won't be working to help several of the endorsed candidates, and some of the candidates on the slate don't support each other. And of course, there is always the possibility that other Democrats will get on the ballot without the committee's say-so.

    If you're a registered Dem, you can run regardless of what the committee says -- you just have to collect the necessary signatures, same as the endorsees have to do.

    --Sam P.

  2. Carole:

    If you are uncertain or unconvinced of what Victor means by unified, you have but to ask him. Or me. What I will tell you is that unity is always a process of becoming in a community as diverse as ours. Unity is not an abstract. We cannot confer unity upon ourselves. It is not a quality you start out with. It is a quality you start out to achieve because without it, there is little the Democratic Party can contribute to the betterment of our City. Difference is inherent in the Democratic Party, that is why we are right for the City – if we can find a sufficiently unified will to lead. We also have to believe in engagement, where we put our certainties about ourselves and about others on the table, in being willing to respect people who we don’t know or don’t necessarily agree with in order to find the places where we can form mutual agreements. Will we ever get to the end of this road? No. But I believe fundamentally that we are on the right road. That is the unity we have achieved and by which I stand.


  3. Carole,

    Some people prefer to build bridges rather than burning them.

    Victor Mendolia