Monday, March 28, 2011

Shocking News

The owner of Half Moon Bar & Grill at Allen and Front streets was found dead in his establishment today. The Register-Star has the story: "BREAKING: Body found at Half Moon."   


  1. Carole,

    I noted that the RS did not identify the body. I take you have other sources for knowing that it was the owner.


  2. Yes, Peter, I do have other sources of information, but I apologize for not realizing that the Register-Star did not identify the body.

  3. David Voorhees shared this comment:

    Fred Martin was a most kind and generous man, who worked hard to give the Half Moon a good reputation. I went a few times with friends for "50s Nights" and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, I am not a big drinker, thus no bar owner will ever make a living off of me. But Fred, nonetheless, always treated me as if I were a good patron. His untimely and tragic passing is a tremendous loss shared by many.

    David William Voorhees