Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Our Town: Hudson" on WMHT

On Monday night, the folks from WMHT met with about twenty-five community members interested in creating stories for the video "scrapbook" of Hudson. WMHT is planning to incorporate the footage produced by the community into an hour-long show about Hudson, devoting 60 to 90 seconds to each story. The first in WMHT's Our Town series, Our Town: Amsterdam, can be viewed online at the WMHT website.  

Story ideas and topics that were shared at last night's meeting include the history of whaling, the Pleshakov Piano Museum, the Boys' Club (a story idea that Mayor Scalera himself plans to pursue), Operation Unite, the architecture of Warren Street, historic factory buildings, Stair Galleries auctions, Winter Walk, Hudson Pride Foundation, music and music venues in Hudson, Hudson's diversity, a typical day in Hudson, eclectic businesses, parades, the animals of Hudson, musicians who have come to Hudson, and the new community radio station WGXC. That's seventeen ideas--probably not enough to fill up an hour-long show--so anyone interested in doing a story about some aspect of Hudson that makes our community unique and special is encouraged to contact series producer Joanne Durfee

People working on video stories have until April 4 to shoot their footage. On April 5 & 6, Durfee will  be interviewing the people who produced the footage on camera to provide the narrative. The interviews will take place at the Hudson Opera House. The target broadcast date for Our Town: Hudson is June 16. On June 15, a special screening is planned for the community at Hudson High School.    

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