Sunday, November 20, 2011

CC Club Revisited

More than a month has passed since Chris Gilbert's offer to buy the old CC Club was scuttled because he couldn't produce, in twenty-four hours, an engineering plan to stabilize the building. Back around Columbus Day, Mayor Scalera gave the impression that the building was such a threat to health and safety that it had to come down immediately, yet here we are, approaching Thanksgiving Day, and the building is still standing. Scalera and Code Enforcement Officer Peter Wurster have both, when asked about the building, talked about the possible presence of nonfriable asbestos and other toxins delaying the demolition. If eliminating this building and delivering the site to some developer is to be part of Scalera's legacy, time is running out.

Meanwhile, a Gossips reader has provided more information about St. John's Methodist Episcopal Church and its transformation into the Colored Citizens' Club. This article appeared in the Hudson Daily Star for May 9, 1940.   

A building here, which for approximately 70 years was used for a church, was sold yesterday to the Colored Citizens' Club of Hudson, N.Y., Inc.

The property, located at 255 Columbia street, just below North Third street, on the southerly side of Columbia street, was sold by the Delaware Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Philadelphia.

Formerly known as the St. John's Methodist Episcopal church, the building for 70 years was used as a place of worship, until about five years ago.

The Colored Citizens' Club, which recently incorporated, will use the building for a meeting place.

The sale of the property, title to which has passed, was handled by the Wheeler Realty Service. 

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  1. wow,this is a very interesting bit of history I just wrote you this whole long discussion about it and then accidentally deleted it.I have to go now.But I
    somehow have no fear that the cc Club is going anywhere or will Mutt and Jeff will find their invisible asbestos any time soon.They are like the evil weavers of real estate. I'll re- post tommorow.
    So glad you are back on your beat.It was very unsettling when your news source went quiet.
    So please take good care of yourself and Wm.,not just for your sake,but selfishly ,for all of us Gossips Fans.You have a rather small staff.