Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More on the Great Greenport Dog Debate

In September, the Greenport Town Board passed a resolution recommending that dogs be banned from the Greenport Conservation Area. The Columbia Land Conservancy, which manages the conservation area, however, wasn't willing to accept that recommendation. In a letter to the editor in today's Register-Star, Peter Paden, executive director of CLC, restates the organization's policy regarding dogs in the ten conservation areas it manages and confirms that dogs will always be welcome at the Greenport Conservation Area, so long as they are leashed and their human companions pick up after them: "CLC welcomes dogs."  


  1. Thank you Peter Paden! Join Columbia Land Conservancy and find out more about responsible land use.

  2. Who actually owns that piece of property???

  3. The Greenport property is owned by the Open Space Institute, but "managed" by the Columbia Land Conservancy.