Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Of Interest

The Register-Star finally gets around to publishing Tom Casey's account of last Thursday's special Common Council meeting at which the Council voted to accept the GEIS findings statement: "Waterfront plan advances, with controversy."


  1. To illustrate how the conditional use "triggers" will work in her fantasy world, Roberts flat out lies to the Council which is about to take its vote:

    "[Roberts] said the causeway is not being used right now because of damage sustained due to Hurricane Irene ..."

    Is it because she's a lawyer that no one will expose her as a liar and a cheat? Moore has cheated us too, but he's no lawyer. Why don't more people speak out against such bad governance?

    We've had years to investigate how our own money was used to squelch us:

    The nine months that Roberts worked on the bogus alternatives in the Draft GEIS - with public money - she knew that CSX had forbidden what she was working on. But where was the letter from CSX which exposed the work as pointless? It was never presented to the Council.

    She should be investigated for fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud, but the Council won't do it, the police won't do it and the D.A. won't do it.

    Meanwhile the public appears to be completely brain dead.

    For instance:

    The "planners" (/cheats!) discussed our public comments in a full Common Council session months after the comments criticized the bogus alternatives in great detail. That July meeting was ABOUT the public comments, and yet the cheats continued to discuss their fake alternatives throughout the meeting, as they'd done during the earlier meetings. They even provided a map of them.

    But wait! It was only after that meeting that they realized they'd made a mistake and given us the wrong alternatives to comment on in the draft document.

    THEY DO THINK WE'RE STUPID. And if we let ourselves be cheated then we are stupid and we deserve to cheated.

    Bringing shame on ourselves is one thing, but who speaks for the ecology of the bay?

    (Answer: Not the bay.)

  2. "they" think we are stupid ! No one is going to put $ into a restaurant or hotel anywhere near the river front with 200 trucks a day driving through the middle of it. The LWRP means NO jobs.