Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More News from HCSD

Once upon a time, Steven Spicer was the principal of Hudson High School. Then, when the Alternative Learning Program at HCSD was discontinued and a place was needed for Thomas Gavin, the director of that program, district administration came up with the bizarre solution--doomed to fail--of making Spicer and Gavin "co-principals" of the high school--two salaries for one job. Predictably, that solution didn't work out very well. Spicer and Gavin didn't get along. A year ago, Spicer charged Gavin with second degree aggravated harrassment for an incident that took place in the hallway while a Board of Education meeting was going on. Eventually, the charges were dropped, and some degree of peace was restored. As luck would have it, Carol Gans, principal of John L. Edwards Primary School, had retired at the end of the previous school year, and although she was still doing her job for $1,000 a week over and above her pension, her job could be and was given to Spicer.

Now the fragile peace is disrupted once more. Spicer has filed a complaint alleging that "the  Hudson City School District and the Board of Education have racially discriminated against him on several occasions." You can read all about it in today's Register-Star: "Principal files racial complaint against district."

Photo from the Hudson City School District website.

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