Monday, November 14, 2011

Hudson in J. Jill

The current J. Jill catalog, which hit mailboxes sometime last week, contains photographs taken right here in Hudson--in front of the Hudson Opera House and Ca Mea. If you're looking at the catalog online, see pages 13, 49, 52, and 61. If you've got the actual catalog in front of you (assuming you received the same version that was delivered to Gossips Central), look at pages 37, 51, 56, and 65. There may be more photographs with Hudson settings that we've missed, so look carefully. 


  1. So that's why there was fake snow in front of the opera house last summer when I walked by!
    (Welcome back) :)

  2. Welcome back.
    The pups and i watched this photo shoot this summer. Fun to see it in print.

  3. So great to have Gossips back. We missed you!