Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lincoln in Hudson

In February 1861, Abraham Lincoln made his inaugural journey by train from Springfield, Illinois, to Washington, D.C. The route of the journey passed through Hudson.

On February 9, 1940, shortly after the publication of the second volume of Carl Sandburg's biography of Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln: The War Years, this bizarre little item appeared on the front page of the Hudson Daily Star, demonstrating how much sensibilities have changed. Thanks to a Gossips reader for bringing this to our attention.
Lincoln "Bussed" Girls Here in '61
And They Liked It
In Carl Sandburg's life of Abraham Lincoln recently published, he referred to the stop of Lincoln's train at Hudson on his way from Springfield, Ill., to Washington, on February 19th, 1861, and goes on to say: "A pleasing incident occurred at Hudson. Several young ladies came into the car and the President folded them rapturously to his throbbing bosom. They said: 'Don't,' which induced the President to believe that they liked it."

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