Monday, November 21, 2011

Of Interest

Olde Mohawk Masonry & Historic Restoration touts its role in the "restoration" of General Worth's birthplace on its website. In addition to misspelling irreparable, the text assigns a date to the house (ca. 1810) that would make it impossible for it to have been the birthplace of General Worth, who was born in 1794. Of course, the website doesn't say it was General Worth's birthplace; it calls the house "his childhood home." If the house wasn't built until around 1810, William Jenkins Worth couldn't have lived there for very long. By 1812, both of his parents had died, he had gone to Albany to pursue a mercantile career, and in June 1812 he embarked on his illustrious military career by joining the army at the beginning of the War of 1812. 


  1. Quibble quibble quibble...

    Who needs actually to know any facts?

    -- Jock Spivy

  2. Olde Mohwawk is one of the finest masonry outfits in the Northeast, the Preservation League of New York State used them for their building, if that's any testament. I used them as well, to restore my Rumford fireplaces. They are exceptional on every level, both in their incredible knowledge of historic technique and material, as well as their attention to detail. For someone as fervent about preservation as I am, they are without peer.

    This isn't about Olde Mohawk, this is about Eric Galloway gutting the interior of that building of any shred of history. The Register has promised to publish a MyView piece I wrote on this very subject, it should be forthcoming.

  3. If you would like to see a very scary graphic depiction of what is happening to Asylum Bldg,look no further than what this same company did to WM Worth’s house,under Restoring the William Worth house, ca. 1811
    Go to Olde Mohawk Masonry & Historic Restoration, Inc. Facebook page. Employed by T.Eric Galloway.Only if you have a strong stomach.
    Since I looked at that building to purchase in 2007,I have pictures of interior and the roof rafters were beautiful and in need of restoration,not obliteration.It was built in or before(if you look it up) 1811,not some sheet rock palace built last year. Also ,if you look at site ,you will see their “restoration technique of taking 3 courses of original brick down and replace 1st a chip board of some sort layer,2ND layer insulation foam board,and last a layer of reclaimed arbitary brick,not aged at same time together ,so color is terrible,and without period detail pointing or decorative overhang. This is why they wrap up the building ,when they preform this "restoration"
    The destruction of the Worth Bldg was a national disaster,as General Worth is revered by the entire United States.They removed the original interior parlor arched window wall woodwork.I have photos of the original kitchen fireplace with its beehive oven.I do not want to even know what they did in there.I know HPC cannot dictate what a private owner does to interior.
    Then they put up some completely out of proportion fictitious doorway,from the book of Gallowayin Architectural details.I am not blaming ,Olde Mohawk.or T.Eric Galloway.
    H.P.C. allowed them too do this without any compliance or enforcement from Bldg. Dept.
    over and over again.
    I could go on,but it gets me too upset,as I regret so terribly ,I could not buy it.I was just too short of the price back then.
    I feel like I should Occupy the Library until I see the exact plans ,approved by HPC with a second opinion from a real Historical Landmarks Commission,outside of Hudson and Galloway’s grip on the Bldg.Dept. I also want to demand a historic preservationist,from outside of Hudson,and perhaps N.Y.S. ,to police Bldg.Dept.,Galloway and his Olde Mohawk masons and Co, everyday til the completion of bldg.

    The fact Preservation League of NYS used this company,is of no relevance here.
    Perhaps they have a functioning Historical Preservation Committee ,enforced by their local Building Department?
    Jock Spivy,must be rooting for Hallenbeck..."Who
    actually needs to read?" either.I
    hope his comment was in jest.

  4. I think, Prison Alley, that Jock was making a joke.

  5. Dear Prison Alley,

    I scarcely know what to say. I find it astonishing to have my motives impugned in public and to receive a backhanded insult from someone (you) whose not even an acquaintance as far as I can tell.

    I don't know Mr. Hallenbeck -- I don't even live in Hudson -- and as far as reading goes, for what's it's worth (rather a lot, actually), I earned degrees in literature from both Yale and Oxford, I've been in the publishing business for 35 years, and so -- if you can get your brain around this idea -- I have both read a lot and I place high value on reading. I also place a high value on learning and on knowledge of history.

    When it comes to historic renovation, I have restored a major house in Columbia County to a very high standard in a strict historic district and so I know about that also. My house has been published in books, magazines and newspapers in this country and abroad as an example of superior work and beauty.

    Carole was right. My earlier post was a joke.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jock Spivy


  6. That should be "who's," not "whose."

  7. Just a comment about Olde Mohawk. I'm glad Mr. David (above) had a fine experience with them. Mine began promisingly enough that I recommended them to several people, but it ended up being one of the most unpleasant, unfair, nerve-wracking episodes of my restoration life. I am happy to elaborate, should anyone wish the details. I like to think they did a good job, but they are also quite capable of huge screw ups -- and bullying, when their ineptitude is pointed out. And just try getting a simple repair done, shortly after the last huge check has been written! Not surprisingly, I see that my house is no longer displayed on their website; good thinking on OM's part, for I would advise anyone who contacted me to steer clear of that bunch, for the sheer agony they put me through.

  8. Dear Mr.Spivy,
    I wish your last post to me was in jest.
    Your comment was a joke."Quibble,Quibble Quibble"Who needs
    actually to know any facts."I assumed it was in jest and my remark at the end was in jest as well.Your comment was in public,on a blog.How astonishing is it,if someone replies, anyway?
    I was also responding to Jonathan David's post about Olde Mohawk Masons.Not in jest. Since you do not live in Hudson,Hallenbeck is our next possible Mayor over Haddad ,after the absentee ballot count.
    In a public debate,a citizen of Hudson, asked what each candidate was reading.Hallenbeck said "If it's not on ESPN,I haven't read it"So that was, what that comment was in reference to.Sorry you didn't get that,I was just riffing on your "who needs to know facts "comment.But then, as you say, you do not live in Hudson.
    I am really sorry also you got so upset,I even replied to Carol,when she said what you said was in jest , after I said I hoped your commment was in jest. I wrote ...Oh Good!!
    What I was writing about was how upsetting the destruction of the General Worth Bldg. is to me personally.About T.Eric Galloway,HPC,
    The Olde Mohawk Masons ,the Hudson Bldg.Dept. and the continual disregard for protected historic structures and districts and the sanctioning of this by the Hudson Bldg Dept and Code Enforcement and also,The Historic Preservation Committee,seemingly being unable to stop it,in Hudson.
    You read my comment.
    What that has anything to do with your biographical sketch and accomplishments,I do not know.You sound like an interesting person.
    I have enjoyed your posts in the past.I feel there is some really big misunderstanding here,and for that sir,I apologize.
    What I cannot"get my (Ivy League) brain around" is why this historical destruction to the Architectural Heritage of Hudson and the irreplaceable environment of Hudson's greatest natural asset,it's namesake,The Hudson River and it's Bays, is so consistently through out Hudson's History.That astounds me.
    So forgive me for upsetting you,it was certainly not even remotely my intention.I in no way meant to insult you or can wrap my brain around,why you were so insulted.
    I hope you understand.
    Prison Alley

    Also ,on another subject ,Thank you" deuxcats" for your post.
    Forewarned is forearmed.

  9. Wow. A this is a wonderful place where my firm can be slandered by folks with aliases. Sorry about the incorrect date on the website, Carole. An egregious error worthy of the slam you dished out. That was my factual error (and a silly one at that.) Please allow me to address some of this unpleasantness:

    @PrisonAlley: We didn't perform the masonry work on the Worth House, we installed an historically appropriate cedar shingle roof and Yankee gutters ... haven't heard anybody bitch about that yet. I know having "Masonry" in the company name threw you for a loop but get your facts straight.

    @DeuxChats: Yes, please do elaborate, and identify yourself. Because I looked at your profile and could not figure out who you are. You said "I like to think they did a good job, but they are also quite capable of huge screw ups -- and bullying, when their ineptitude is pointed out." Heavy stuff. And complete fiction.

    Back it up, if it's true.

  10. @deuxchats: If you are Robert Hoven from Catskill, NY, then I demand your comment be removed. It is a complete fabrication--we have NEVER worked for you. Period. I wonder if this would be viewed as libel by a jury.

    @CaroleOsterink: I hope you will preserve the integrity of this blog and remove the falsehood spread by @deuxchats IF, in fact, he is whom he says he is on his Blogger profile.

    How very unimpressive.

  11. Also, @JonathanDavid, thank you for the kind words. This is a great forum -- look forward to reconnecting soon. /ward