Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Demolition Marches On

Gossips has learned that at its regular meeting on November 15, the Common Council passed a resolution to transfer $1,400 from the Contingency Fund to the "Demolition of 255-257 Columbia Street account." Third Ward Alderman Chris Wagoner was the only council member to vote against the resolution. Second Ward Alderman Abdus Miah and First Ward Alderman Sarah Sterling were absent from the meeting. The remainder of the Common Council voted in favor of transferring funds to finance the demolition. 

1 comment:

  1. Living 2 doors away and my neighbor ,whose yard runs the complete length,of cClub,with small children that play there everyday,with no protection from ccClub what so ever.
    This is beyond alarming.
    The ridiculous fence they put up blocking sidewalk on Columbia and N3rd side of bldg.has done nothing but force pedestrians into truck Rte.23B and 9G.
    The side of ccClub that is actually exposed ,is 6 ft from the house next door on Columbia,with no protection what so ever,either
    When the Building on Warren, kitty corner was gut demoed,all the homes around me and myself were inundated with rats.It was horrifying.And that was a building that was not abandoned and at least 1/2 the size of ccClub.
    This Bldg,at one of the most busy and dangerous intersections in Hudson,this is the extent of Hudson Bldg.Dept safety efforts so far to protect its citizen's and any one else passing by on ,foot,car,or truck.
    What is the 1,400 $ for.?
    That wouldn't begin to pay for the dumpster permits.
    I just payed $1,500,for 2 new circulators being installed in my crappy old furnace.
    By Council giving them that money,is that a go ahead to demolish.?
    This is a whole different ball game,
    This is not about Architectural Details,any more.
    I trust no one in Hudson Government to protect me,my home or my neighbors or the citizenry at large or anyone who travels on Rte 23B or 9G.
    I have very good reason and proof to feel this way first hand.
    I have to now go outside Husdson for help.
    Call in the EPA ,OSHA DOT, State District Attorney Office,State Asbestos Abatement.Health Dept,because of Rats and other animals and squatters and due to length of time of abandonment.NYS Building Dept.and Hazmat.I can keep going.Fortunately,both Mayor and Bldg.Dept have left a very accessible paper trail.

    I did not go through 911 to be exposed like this,by"Friendly Fire"

    This is a building the Mayor has stated on front page of the Paper of Record ,a month and a half ago as being in"Imminent Danger of Collapse and citizens should stay away."
    and also has on record the reasons he has not done this demolition,as the potential hazards inside of lethal materials and where and how to depose of them correctly,as being the cause of this delay.
    Has that all been straitened out.?
    Would Scalera and Wurster and the Common Council allow this to happen next door to their home,where their children play and their neighbors live and breathe?