Monday, July 23, 2012

Acres Co-op Lives On

Acres Co-op Market held its annual meeting tonight. According to the announced agenda, the meeting was to be divided into two parts. In the first part, members would vote on a proposal by the Board of Directors to dissolve the co-op; the second part of the meeting was to be an open discussion of "ideas for food-oriented community and organization building." 

In actuality, the agenda got turned on its head. The members who showed up--fewer than half of the forty-nine individuals or households who had paid their $150 to buy into the co-op--were unwilling to abandon the dream of building "community through food." When the vote on the proposal was finally taken, more than an hour and a half after the meeting began, no member present voted in favor of dissolving. (Several of the board members, however, abstained from the vote.) Eight people volunteered to be part of a new board of directors, three of them--Mike Loki Anthony, Mona Coade-Wingate, and Gideon Chevoshay--from the original board. 

Although it's not entirely clear what the future holds, Acres Co-op Market lives on.

Full Disclosure: The voice of Gossips is a dues-paying member of the co-op and was present and voted at tonight's meeting.

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