Monday, July 16, 2012

News 10 at the Furgary

At 5:15 this afternoon, I got a call from Tiffany Martin Hamilton inviting me to join her at the Furgary Boat Club. A Channel 10 news team was there, and Mayor William Hallenbeck was expected to show up to be interviewed for Live at 6. Of course, I hied myself down there and waited with Tiffany and her sister for the mayor, who never showed up. In the forty minutes I was there, five police cars drove by, as did Police Commissioner Gary Graziano and DPW Superintendent Rob Perry, but not the mayor.

The news team did their live broadcast anyway, and I got a chance to survey and photograph the pruning done by DPW to ensure the police will have unobstructed views of the shacks as they drive by.

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  1. Pictured above is ABC's Anya Tucker and her film crew.

    She was a decent person, and her decency and real curiosity made her sympathetic, naturally. News 10 gave the story a generous amount of time (see last night's video at the address below).

    But one correction I noticed between her 5 and 11 PM reports was that the earlier footage had her reporting beside a "No Trespassing" sign only what the city had told her: that these signs were erected by the club members.

    The city erected the "No Trespassing" signs the day after they won the court case, a fact which Anya found very enlightening when we got our chance to speak with her. It was too late to correct her 5:00 report, but the fact that it got corrected at all is not something that everyone would have done.

    Our great thanks to FOX23 too, who approached the story with intelligence, curiosity and an open mind. I have yet to see the video, but I'll guess that it is quite fair.

    Apparently the Mayor issued a statement (likely written by our favorite city attorney).