Monday, July 23, 2012

Tortillaville For Sale

After making the shiny taco truck a focal point on the 300 block of Warren Street and the center of activity in the developing food truck court at 347 Warren Street, Brian Branigan says he and partner Allison Culbertson are ready to move on. They are offering Tortillaville for sale: $149,000 for just the food truck and the location; $199,000 for the food truck, the location, the name, the famous screen door, the tables and umbrellas, the website and Facebook page, recipes, training, wholesale opportunities, franchise rights--the whole megillah. Contact Branigan if you're interested in a business opportunity that puts you at the heart of things on Warren Street from May through October and gives you a four-month vacation to pursue other interests every winter. In the meantime, Branigan assures fans of Tortillaville fare that he and Culbertson aren't going anywhere until they sell the business to someone who is "right for both Tortillaville and Hudson." 

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  1. We have struggled with the decision "to sell or not to sell", because business is so great, and with a book soon to come out, a wholesale deal, 347 food court developing, NADA, Music Fest, Hudson's own resurgence, and even boutique franchise designs, we thought - now is the perfect time to sell. This August thru October alone promises $50K gross income. Our equipment is valued at $40K. It is clearly a perfect win / win scenario, that will be both difficult and right. This is an incredible business as a five year plan. And, if done right, a good Plan B, should get you back on track to your Plan A. I am a boat captain with offers. Allison is a very talented graphic and jewelry designer with plans. Some owner financing may be available. And, that is our reason for offering the business. Thanks.