Monday, July 16, 2012

Furgary Update

A story by Tom Casey just appeared in the Register-Star online that explains why the HPD saw fit to dispatch a SWAT team in the wee hours of the morning to evict "three grumpy old men" from the Furgary Boat Club: "In the dead of night, Furgary fenced off."

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  1. Well written, Tom - accurate and subtle.

    I was with the Furgarians last night. There was no anticipation of anything too serious, and certainly not on the scale of a S.W.A.T. team with semi-automatics! (Though I did wonder if my companions weren't being just a little too trusting.)

    One of the party turned in early.

    With the other two I shared a bottle of merlot and talked fishing and local history into the wee hours.

    To my concerns about the next morning, they explained that everyone in Hudson has some family connection or other to Furgary. No one was going to make any problems for anyone else (and no one did).

    They wistfully expressed disappointment that no one from the city had come to visit them on their final day. And then I let them convince me that the city wasn't interested in the sort of hoopla that would entail overtime for anyone. (In other words, the eviction would begin around 6 AM, or even 7:00.)

    Invariably the discussion would steer back around to fish, and especially to stripers, shad and river herring. Old calendars scribbled over with personal fish records were brought out and compared, followed by reminiscences of remarkable catches and adventures. In other words, just hanging out at Furgary.

    Eventually I headed home, pledging to return to Furgary after sun-up.

    I am so grateful to the Furgarians. In such a confused and false world (as this whole saga reveals), those folks are the real article.