Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Gossips Missed

It's not possible to leave this city even for a few days to attend a niece's wedding in Michigan without missing out on important news--a bank robbery, the discovery of the cemetery vandals, the ongoing struggle to save the Furgary Boat Club. Here's a recap and commentary on what happened in the five days Gossips was on hiatus.  

The target of last Thursday's bank heist--Bank of America--is located in the bank building that was the object of the elaborately planned bank robbery in the 1959 movie Odds Against Tomorrow. That robbery, too, if memory serves, happened on a Thursday. The outcome of both robberies was less than successful. The suspect in last Thursday's bank robbery was apprehended the next day and is now in the county jail--a better fate than that of the conspirators in Odds Against Tomorrow, who were all dead by the end of the movie.

How embarrassing for the Register-Star, after publishing an outraged and self-righteous editorial on Friday about the "lowlifes" who desecrated graves in the Civil War section of the cemetery, to have to report the next day that the Hudson Police Department had concluded that the disrespectful, unpatriotic culprits were woodchucks.    

The effort to save the shacks commonly known as the Furgary Boat Club is stepping up and reaching out as the July 16 deadline for eviction approaches. In addition to an online petition, which currently has more than 300 signatures, a Facebook page has been created, spokespeople for the Furgary have been heard on WAMC and WGXC, and handpainted signs urging the preservation of the decades-old fishing and water recreation "settlement" have started appearing all over town. 

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  1. Luykas Groundhog, history ambassador for the Columbia County Historical Society (and author of a history blog for children- but also adult friendly), commented on the news of the cemetery vandalism on Monday: http://luykasgroundhog.tumblr.com/post/26832550700/an-apology