Monday, July 23, 2012

Images of Hudson Past

The owner of the carriage house behind the Inn at Hudson, 317 Allen Street, curious to know what the fountain in the wall, only a remnant of which survives, originally looked like, discovered an article about the house in a 1910 issue of the architectural magazine Brickbuilder. Along with a picture of the fountain, the article contains rare photographs of the back of 317 Allen Street, showing the formal garden immediately behind the house, and of the carriage house, showing the rose gardens and the path leading back along the tennis court to the sundial and pergola at the southern end of the grounds. Reproduced in the article too are the original plans for the garden and grounds created in 1904 by landscape architects Townsend & Fleming and a photograph of the front of the house as it appeared in 1910--just four years after the building, designed by Marcus Reynolds for a rich young man named Morgan Jones, was completed.


  1. Wow. Thank you, Carole. You provide such a valuable service!

  2. Carole:
    The main house, carriage house & the garden, fountains, tennis court, etc. are what I remember of "The Scovill Mansion" as it was known to me up to the late '60's while attending St.Mary's Academy just across the street.
    One time I was asked to get flowers that Mrs. Scovill had donated for a SMA function.
    It was my first visit to the house & I was pleasantly surprised to see tapestry, armor & a grand central hall.
    I have to say that you & your GOR are without a doubt a tremendous assest to the City of Hudson, your readers & especially to me who spent many great times in the area of St.Mary's & 3rd St.
    You carry the torch & keep the dreams alive.
    Thank you.
    Tom D'Onofrio

  3. When we opened The Inn at Hudson we couldn't decide if we should refer to the building as the Morgan Jones house or The Scovill House. The Scovill's did live here for 60 years and the Jones only 13 years but Morgan Jones commissioned the house from Marcus Reynolds
    so the Morgan Jones house won out. Many of our guests have great Mrs. Scovill stories.

  4. What I love about the Morgan Jones House or the Scovill House, is the current occupants who have brought such great energy to the City of Hudson. In fact they are a big part of why I chose to live in Hudson.

    Thanks Dini and Windle.