Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Conflict of Interest According to Scalera

Rick Scalera, perennial mayor of Hudson turned Fifth Ward supervisor and special adviser to Eric Galloway's Galvan Initiatives Foundation, has explained how he intends to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest in the county's deal with Galloway for providing homeless housing in Hudson. Nathan Mayberg has the story in today's Register-Star: "Scalera intends to vote on shelter."  

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  1. Most grateful to Nathan Mayberg for providing excerpts from the Columbia County Code of Ethics.

    Apparently Mr. Scalera has already acted unethically in this case by discussing the issue last Friday, and according to Mr. Hughes at other previous meetings.

    “[N]o municipal officer or employee MAY PARTICIPATE in any decision or take any official action with respect to any matter requiring the exercise of discretion, INCLUDING DISCUSSING THE MATTER and voting on it" (emphasis added).

    "And voting on it ..."

    We should rename Hudson "Springfield," because I think we're really living in an ongoing episode of The Simpsons.