Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Gossips Recommendation

Last night at the Hudson Opera House the Sofie Krog Teater performed The House--amazing evidence that puppet theater is not just for kids.

The House starts with the premise "If these walls could talk. . . ." The walls, in this case, are those of the home of a rich old woman--a grand and desirable house which is also a funeral parlor and crematorium. The story these walls have to tell is one of passion and regret, greed and conniving, murder and mayhem, crime and punishment, and (hilariously) the transmigration of the spirit. The very best character in the cast of seven puppets--best in all respects--is The Dog, who is "faithful, smart, & light on his paws" and cleverly foils the evil plot that is unfolding.

There is a second performance of The House today at 4 p.m. If there are still seats to be had (call 518 822-1438 to find out), don't miss the chance to indulge yourself in fifty-five minutes of thoroughly delightful entertainment.

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