Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Mayor Speaks

On Friday, February 28, Mayor William Hallenbeck was interviewed by Marti Martinez on WGXC. (Marti Martinez is the person who suggested, at the last meeting of the Arts, Entertainment, and Tourism Committee, that Hudson should have a ball drop, like the one at Times Square, at the foot of Warren Street on New Year's Eve.) The mayor spoke for half an hour about such issues as the opening of the alternative learning program at Fourth and Warren; a planned Hudson Community Night at an Albany Devils hockey game; the possibility of selling a municipal parking lot; plans for a "partial renovation" of Seventh Street Park; restoring, repairing, or replacing the Ferry Street Bridge; and efforts to ensure that the Flag Day parade happens again this year. 

If you missed it when it was originally aired, the interview has been archived and can be heard here. Martinez promises that he will be interviewing Hallenbeck on the last Friday of every month so that the mayor can update the community on what's happening at City Hall and in the City of Hudson, especially in regards to what the mayor and his staff have been doing.


  1. Such pressing issues to be a Mayor of Hudson.
    I don't envy his sleepless nights.

  2. Selling a municipal parking lot ?

  3. ...does he mean "sell" like the sale of the snake house on Spring St.? the buyer was waitng in the wings, where'd he go? does he mean "sell" like the way the community garden lot was "sold"? or does he mean "transfer" like the North Bay? how much money was "saved" by keeping Oakdale closed this winter? i guess we need more "staff"...

  4. Maybe someone should reach out to mayor Rick and ask him what mayor Bill should have said.

  5. and ask Rick what is being done about the perpetual car windows being smashed and tires being slashed - last night even - thank god we now have 26 policemen who can't solve anything bigger than increasing Hudsons taxes