Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Return of the Doors

Gossips has published this picture of the 1936 Columbia County Board of Supervisors a couple of times.

This time, look beyond the men in dark overcoats and fedoras and focus on the courthouse doors.

As Gossips discovered yesterday, the original doors appear to be back.

Whether these are the original doors refurbished or reproductions (probably the latter) is not clear, and one wonders if the garish gold color is temporary or permanent, but they are a stunning improvement over the mid-20th century glass and aluminum abomination that had been there.


  1. Seems they must be repros, because in the old photos the doors fill up the entire space between the columns, whereas these new ones have some sort of silver-toned metal surround. Since the insert probably can’t be removed at this point, I’d suggest painting it black to match the rest of the detailwork above. See: