Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Funding the Festivities

Once again, the City of Hudson has budgeted $15,000 to help support events that are created by Hudson-based organizations, take place in Hudson, and have a positive impact on the entire city. And once again, as was done for the first time last year, the Arts, Entertainment & Tourism Committee is asking event planners who would like a piece of the pie to make a formal written application. This year the application is due on May 15. Those interested in applying for funding should contact Council president Don Moore to request the guidelines.

Last year, HDC (Hudson Development Corporation) kicked in another $5,000, making the total pot $20,000. According to Sheena Salvino, executive director of HDC, that may happen again this year. Last year, sixteen events--all but two of those requesting funds--received support from the City. The recipients of the biggest awards were Flag Day and the Hudson Pride Festival, both receiving $3,200.

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  1. This is the link to the City of Hudson Event Grant Application that is due May 15, 2014: http://cityofhudson.org/content/News/View/130:field=documents;/content/Documents/File/1286.pdf