Monday, March 24, 2014

A Rare Photograph from the Past

Yesterday, a reader shared this amazing photograph, taken around 1890, from a vantage point somewhere on Academy Hill. In the foreground are two houses that no longer exist: 886 Columbia Street (left), the home of Augustus and Ellen McKinstry, and 900 Columbia Street (right), which was "disassembled" last year to be "reassembled" on the 200 block of Union Street. In the background is Green Street and some of the houses that were already there in 1890.  



  1. It appears that these two streets comprise the 5th Ward at the time, whereas the 1st and 2nd Wards probably have a similar building density then as now.

  2. When will we see the documents related to the "disassembly" and "reassembly" of 900 Columbia? Who approved what? When?

  3. Interesting to note. Looking at 900 Columbia, if you recall the arguments about the foundation height in new location on Union St. In this photo, you can see that with out the buildup of streets over the years, the foundation extends above the ground approximately 26-30 inches compared to before the move where it was almost at street level. Just an observation I wanted to share.