Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Missing Piece

Yesterday, Gossips posted a picture of the buildings at the west end of Warren Street from the 1965 Comprehensive Development Plan juxtaposed with a picture of the same buildings today, noting that at some point between 1965 and 2014, one of the buildings had disappeared. 

This morning, Paul Barrett sent a picture of the missing building, apparently in the process of being demolished. 

The picture above had to have been taken early in the 1970s but after 1970, when the Front Street-Parade Hill-Lower Warren Street Historic District was first added to the National Register of Historic Places. In the picture, the two buildings on the northeast corner of Warren and Front streets, which were still there in 1970, are gone, and beyond the Washington Hose firehouse, almost unrecognizable with its flat roof, Hudson Terrace appears to be in the final stages of construction.

This aerial photograph shows the row of buildings at the end of Warren Street as it was in 1970.


  1. I wonder if the demolished building was an 'ín fill' at some point. Notice that the building to right has windows on the sides on all 3 floors.

  2. That third picture was some time around 1975-77 by looking at the cars models. The Terrace apartments had already been completed. The Terrace originally had T-111 plywood siding that was a dark brown in color.Then around 1985-86 they were all covered with Baby Blue Vinyl siding. The contractor at the time was Meltz from Columbiaville. Either way it was and is still pretty ugly down there.

    1. I just learned that the picture whose date was uncertain was taken in 1973,

  3. The building that was demolished was owned by a Mr. Russo. He lived there & at times operated a "used" furniture store on the first floor too. I believe that the building was found to be unsafe & beyond restoration.