Saturday, March 29, 2014

Let's Be Careful Out There . . .

Earlier today, Gossips reported that the railing at 116 Warren Street had been pulled down. This act of presumed vandalism happened around 11:30 last night. 

Gossips has since received word of an apparent purse snatching, which also seems to have occurred below Third Street last night. A wallet, empty of cash and credit cards, was discovered this morning on Partition Street near Second.


  1. Don't know if it's related to the railing incident, but walking up Warren just now I noticed the 2 large planters in front of Naga (next to Mane Street, between 5th & 6th North side) have been knocked over with dirt and plants half on the sidewalk. This was no accident (in my opinion). :(

  2. The City of Hudson is an avant-garde enclave of talented artisans and musicians, designers and stylists, fine cuisine and the like. And it's set perfectly upon the Hudson, just above the world's greatest city, in and among what has been called "a dictionary of American architecture."

    Just as real, however, is the schools' consistently poor rating among 84 districts, fighting larger urban areas (Albany, Schenectady, Troy) for last place. If you know anything about the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting, you would be challenged to find a comparable community ... I gave up when only parts of Oakland and East St. Louis came close.

    How can those trends be reversed? If the underlying cause is poverty, then creating opportunities (jobs, skills, pertinent training) is the solution. Can leaders (not just elected officials, all leaders) in Hudson bridge the gap between these two "worlds?" How can value be built into investing in the community? What can the community give back?

    1. Take any well rated suburban school, remove the top 20 percent and put them in private school and you end up with a school rated the same as Hudson. Let's stop scapegoating the school and address the root of the problem.