Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Fifteen-Year Anniversary

It was fifteen years ago today that Bruce Mitchinson became the owner of Fairview Cinema 3. He shared these memories with Gossips this morning and agreed to let me share them with you.
Fifteen years ago this morning, on a very cold, windy day, I traveled to Albany to sign my life away, as Fairview Cinema Inc. was created and I took over ownership of Fairview Cinema 3, which I had managed for twenty-six years. I did so despite the warnings of my attorney and my former employers (the sellers) that I would have overwhelming competition from the eight-screen movie theater scheduled to open in two weeks just up the street. Driven by my dream of owning a movie theater and being assured by my booker that I could obtain movies, I was determined to take the risk. I fought off the competition through some very lean years, which most people would not have done. After all, the point of having a job or owning a business is to get paid, and that has not always been the case. Now after all that, I'm faced with another fight for survival with my own industry as it mandates conversion to very expensive digital projection equipment.
You can help Bruce meet this newest challenge and help a valued community resource survive by contributing to the Indiegogo campaign to Save Fairview Cinema 3, Hudson's only independent, locally owned first-run movie theater, just across the border in Greenport.

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