Sunday, March 9, 2014

Treating the Toxins Bound for Valatie KIll

The Environmental Protection Agency invited elected officials and the media to tour the water treatment plant at the Dewey Loeffel landfill to see how toxic leachate from the Superfund site is being treated and the discharge tested before it is released into Valatie Kill. Barbara Reina, who has been following the story for Columbia-Greene Media, reports on the process in today's Register-Star: "Dewey Loeffel toxic landfill Superfund site water treatment plant: How it works."


  1. (Treated???) Toxic leachate flows In to the Valatie Kill, Kinderhook Creek, Stockport Creek and Hudson River

  2. its crazy to dump these "semi treated" toxins into the waters of the Valatie and kinderhook creeks, that water our farm land. have the farmers been asked what they think.
    agriculture is the industry of Columbia county. dumping these treated toxins in our water source makes no sense.

    truck them off the site and incinerate them. the state can mandate this.

    the people of Columbia County and the politicians who represent them have to demand it now.