Saturday, December 27, 2014

Change at the Top

Readers of the Register-Star have grown used to the reporting staff being something of a revolving door. Except when the departure of a reporter becomes a cause celebre, as Tom Casey's dismissal did two years ago, prompting two other reporters and the city editor to resign in protest, reporters and their bylines just seem to disappear without explanation or comment. But what about staff members higher up on the totem pole?

It has recently been noticed that Theresa Hyland's name has disappeared from the paper's roster of employees. Hyland, who held the position of executive editor, had been with the paper for more than a decade. According to unofficial reports, her employment at the paper ended on December 15, as part of a restructuring.

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  1. It's not much of a mystery why there is a "revolving door" of reporters; the R-S, like any other small newspaper, can't afford to pay much, thus it tends to hire recent college grads who use the job as a stepping stone to gain experience and move on to a higher-paying job. And the cycle never ends. That's what I did in my early-mid 20s. I'm glad to have long left the world of print journalism.
    I'm also always amused at blogs like this that take such delight in poring over their local newspapers, gleefully pointing out the mistakes, misspellings or misuse of words. What do you expect from an overworked, underpaid largely inexperienced staff?