Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hudson in the New York Times

Sometimes, you have to read the New York Times to find out what's happening in Hudson. That was the case yesterday, when this article appeared in the Business section: "Ann Marie Gardner Steps Down as Editor of Modern Farmer." In case you've forgotten, Modern Farmer is the "stylish agrarian quarterly" headquartered right here in Hudson, at the corner of Warren and Fourth streets, above Face Stockholm, and Ann Marie Gardner is the person who coined the term Rurbanism to describe the new culture of Hudson.


  1. That makes three who have left so far...

  2. You could see it coming in the New Yorker article about Modern Farmer.

    1. Here's the link to that New Yorker article:

  3. Just finished reading The New Yorker article and found it interesting in just the first paragraph that Ann Marie was thinking of animals on the covers and yet the person designing the magazine was thinking of people on the covers. Sounds like a lack of communication from the get go! Obviously the wealthy financial backer was used to doing things his way. That's how he got so rich. Backing a magazine is very different than mining. I emailed Ann Marie and even brought a printout of the email to her office to make sure she got it offering to sit down and talk to her. My entire career, over 40 years, has been working with companies named Conde Nast, Hearst Publishing, Meredith Publishing, Rodale, Time Inc. You get the picture! Every major magazine publisher
    in the country. Have been involved with doing magazine circulation promotion work all my career. Getting people to subscribe to magazines. Nobody has created more magazine direct mail packages than my company. Never received a call or email from Ann Marie. I think they need more than 16,000 subscribers. Helps with cash flow and with getting higher rates for the ad sales people. Sorry Ann Marie has resigned. I enjoy the magazine and who knows what direction it is about to take now?