Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It Isn't Over Until It's Over

The wait to hear which projects will be funded in the current round of CFA grants was supposed to be over this morning, but because of inclement weather, the Capital Region Economic Development Council postponed announcing the grant recipients until tomorrow, Thursday, December 11, at 12:30 p.m. Among the projects vying for funding are several that will impact us here in Hudson.
  • Columbia Memorial Hospital is seeking $300,000 to fit out vacant space in the medical office building for doctors' offices to expand primary care and cardiac rehabilitation services. The total project cost is $1.3 million.
  • The Hudson Opera House is seeking $500,000 to complete the exterior restoration and develop the second-floor performance space. The total project cost is $7 million.
  • The City of Hudson is seeking $600,000 to fund "North Front Street Stormwater Separation." 
  • The City of Hudson is seeking $300,000 to fund "Hudson Urban Park Redevelopment," i.e. refurbishing Seventh Street Park.
  • Hudson Development Corporation is seeking funding for the "Hudson Wayfinding Program." 
  • Hudson Opera House is seeking funding for a program called "Market Hudson, NY."
You can review all the proposed projects in the CREDC 2014 Progress Report. Go to Part Three, which begins on page 65.

Addendum: A reader informed Gossips that one Hudson project had been left out of the above list, and indeed it had. That project is the "North Bay Recreation and Nature Center."


  1. Maybe the"North Bay Recreation and Nature Center" was left off because any federal funding received would require accommodating the historical and prehistorical use of the fishermen's wharf.

    Rather than replacing the existing historical use, with contrived land uses, the plan could have been well under way by first expanding the Navigational use of shore, for all willing to help build it.

    Remember, twas the tyranny of land loving majority, that (illegally) filled in the South Bay, and no one Navigates from there any longer...

    1 Riparian

  2. "commercial redevelopment", says so right in the columbia land conservancy plan for the North Bay, i don't think they want a lot of publicity. has the city "transferred" any acreage to them yet? maybe we "little people" don't need to know about that either.

  3. upon further investigation, from looking at the Capital Region Economic Development Council website, we find out they spent are spending 6.5 million dollars as part of a 20 million dollar project to restore the 600 foot Rennsalear wharf. doesn't Holcim own something like that right here in Hudson? our city attorney tells us taxing them on 2.75 million dollars is a good deal?