Sunday, December 7, 2014

Where's the Window?

Last May, when it was determined at the annual meeting of the Friends of the First Presbyterian Church that sufficient money had been raised to begin the restoration of the major stained glass window in the church's soaring Gothic facade, it was anticipated that the re-created wood tracery would be in place by the end of September, and the restored stained glass would be reinstalled by Thanksgiving or Christmas. Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas is fast approaching, but the window is still missing.

In a letter sent recently to members and supporters, Phil Forman, president of the Friends of the First Presbyterian Church, explains the delay: "In the process of removing the old tracery and confirming the soundness of the support system, we found that a major bearing beam under the floor between the organ and the window had developed a sag. This is being carefully addressed, but set us back to a Spring 2015 installation. That said, the restoration work itself is on track and the restored glass is stunning."

Wouldn't it be grand--and fitting--if the restored window could be back in place in time for Easter?


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  1. time to turn the clock-tower into a tourist attraction, it has saved many a lighthouse...or do we wait for the lightning strike and put a cap on it.