Monday, December 8, 2014

The Windows of Winter Walk

An hour before the official beginning of Winter Walk on Saturday, the Hudson Opera House announced the winners of the 2014 Window Decorating Contest. For those who didn't brave the rain that night or the bitter cold wind on Sunday evening to view the windows, Gossips brings the winners to you on Monday morning. 


The Jackie O Preservation Prize
Santa's Village in Seventh Street Park
Spirit of Hudson Prize
Mrs. Zito's First Grade Class
Hudson Police Department, 427 Warren Street


Best Dainty Christmas Ornaments
Dish, 103 Warren Street
Best 19th Century Experience
(p.m.) Wine Bar, 119 Warren Street
Most Elegant Use of Pine
Lili and Loo, 259 Warren Street
Chic, Chic, Chic!
Rural Residence, 316 Warren Street

Most Inappropriate Mannequin with Gothic Christmas Tree
Shana Lee Jewelry, 315 Warren Street
Most Edible Display
Talbott & Arding Cheese and Provisions, 323 Warren Street
Thriftiest Display
Antigo, 337 Warren Street

Best Pink Christmas
Hawkins New York, 339 Warren Street
Best Freak Folk
White Whale, 410 Warren Street
Biggest Wreath
Classic Country, 431 Warren Street
Most Unexpectedly Whimsical
George, 438 Warren Street
Best Barbie Baubles
Five & Diamond Vintage, 502 Columbia Street
Most Epic Earl
Stair Galleries, 549 Warren Street
The Nightmare Before Christmas
554 Warren Street

Best Sleigh
Carousel Antiques, 611 Warren Street
Best Menorah, Christmas Canister and Three Cacti
Marks Antiques and Larry's Back Room, 612 Warren Street


  1. Not to be missed is the fantastic interior for the holidays at Red Dot. The room is transformed.

  2. Red dot interior with drawings by Wendy Frost is wonderful

  3. Who needs Bemelmans when we have Red Dot?