Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dog Resolutions

Two resolutions having to do with dogs were introduced at the informal Common Council meeting on Monday night. The first authorizes the mayor to enter into an agreement with the Columbia-Greene Humane Society to provide kennel services for "unleashed, unlicensed, or untagged dogs" captured by the dog control officer. Under the terms of the proposed agreement, the regular fee of $305 would be reduced to $75 if a dog is redeemed by its human guardian within 24 hours.

Photo: Helen Arrott
The second resolution authorizes and directs the mayor to enter into an agreement with Wes Powell to be the City's dog control officer. The duties of the dog control officer are described in the agreement as follows:

  • [He] shall, whenever called on a 24 hour daily basis, seize stray and abandoned or loose dogs which are found on the streets and other public places.
  • [He] will respond to call(s) by the Police Department of the City of Hudson for assistance when needed.
  • [He] shall issue appearance tickets to owners of dogs that are in violation of the provisions of City Code Section 70 or Article 7 of the Agriculture Markets Law.
  • [He] will at least twice a week patrol the streets of Hudson.
What is new about the agreement with the dog control officer is his ability to issue appearance tickets to people who have not licensed their dogs, do not keep their dogs on a leash, fail to pick up after their dogs, or allow their dogs, on a leash or off, to enter Henry Hudson Riverfront Park.


  1. Excuse me.... Why would Hudson spend money it does not have on a dog catcher and all the stuff that goes with it when as far as I've heard we don't have a dog problem, or at least one that Columbia-Greene Humane Society can't handle. Another solution looking for a problem? Send CGHS five bucks and call it good.

  2. Carole: I really like the picture of " the dogs".

  3. I do not understand why Hudson is so focused on dogs. There has got to be bigger issues to tackle. I also wonder why the "No dogs allowed" signs are still up in the cemetery.

    1. @Colleen D.L.--I don't think is fair to say that Hudson is "so focused on dogs." It might be more accurate to say that "Gossips" is obsessed with dog legislation.

      This two resolutions get passed every year: to enter into an agreement with Columbia-Greene Humane Society and a contract with person who serves as dog catcher. I chose to report about the former as a way to remind people that if a dog goes missing and ends up at CGHS, the fee to redeem it is substantially less if the dog is reclaimed promptly. I chose to report on the latter because the dog catcher is now empowered to issue appearance tickets to dog owners in violation of the city code.