Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fall Expo at Kite's Nest Today

From 2 to 4 p.m. today, Kite's Nest is holding its Fall Expo. Over the past few months, the young people at Kite's Nest have been building their own shelters, creating their own spaces, writing  their own mythologies, documenting the passing of time, making their voices heard, and learning to heal themselves and others. Today they share what they have accomplished.

Kite's Nest is located at 108 South Front Street.


  1. did anyone realize that those trees lying across the stream and probably the log this child walks on are the result of beaver activity? an adult beaver can weigh sixty pounds, have three inch teeth, and a bad temper. when disturbed they are not the cute and fuzzy little creatures we think we know from watching cartoons. they are a huge threat to birds that need those trees for nesting and hunting, hawks, eagles, kingfisher. it becomes a tough balance, what's good for beaver may not be good for birds and it is no place for a child.

  2. Three cheers for Kit's Nest! Helping children exercise their (federally protected) right to "full enjoyment" of the tidal foreshore, is a lesson unique to American history. As a gift of nature, any day spent along the skirt of the Lady Faithful is priceless, especially with one's grand/children...

    This picture must have been taken somewhere outside the Hudson city limits, because in order to promote tourism, city leaders of Hudson have revoked the public's right to full enjoyment, of "Hallenbeck's" Harbor by blocking its entrance.

    Every day is priceless, nine hundred days, and damage to the public's trust, accrues daily.

    1 Riparian