Sunday, December 28, 2014

More Departures from the Register-Star

Yesterday, Gossips reported on the disappearance of Theresa Hyland from the staff roster on the Register-Star website, but Hyland isn't the only person to depart the paper recently. Three others left in the last month or so for new jobs elsewhere. In November, Mary Dempsey, the city editor, left the paper; in early December, David McDonald ended his brief stint as social media and web editor; and last week, Kate Mostaccio, who has been part of the news staff for more than six years, also moved on. Strangely, although all trace of Hyland has disappeared from the website, Dempsey's and Mostaccio's pictures remain.

Maybe it's just a matter of not keeping the website up to date. Based solely on the list of contacts on the website, it would appear that John Mason and Arthur Cusano are the only members of the news staff left, but bylines indicate otherwise. Siobhan Barton and Katie Kocijanski regularly report the news in Hudson and places nearby, but their pictures have yet to appear on the website.

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  1. Who doesn't suppose that the already-overworked John Mason is doing the paper's editing too.

    Thanks to good management, this shake-up is a gutsy move (even if it strikes us as a bit overdo).