Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Decision About the Police and Court Building

At the special meeting tonight, the Common Council considered a resolution authorizing the architectural firm of Sabir, Richardson & Weisberg to provide additional services for the police and court building "at a cost not to exceed $10,500." 

The additional services were explained in a letter from architect Richard Franklin of SRW to Mayor William Hallenbeck:
1. Cost Estimate
Obtain an objective cost estimate from an estimating firm familar with this area of New York. In order to modify our documents it will be necessary to have a cost estimate identifying all components of the building where costs appear over the original budget.
2. Value Engineering
Once there is a detailed estimate, we propose a value engineering session (one day minimum) with the construction manager, the City of Hudson representative and SRW (Sabir, Richardson & Weisberg). This session should produce a scope design narrative that will meet the City of Hudson's budget requirements.
3. Scope Narrative/Design Modifications
Based on this approved scope narrative SRW will modify the existing documents for approval and new bids.
Moore explained that, if the resolution passed, city treasurer Heather Campbell would, at the same time the work was being done by SRW, explore financing possibilities, among them a BAN (bond anticipation note), a grant, and the sale of the two City-owned buildings currently occupied by the HPD and the city court. City attorney Carl Whitbeck indicated that appraisals have already been ordered on the two buildings and will be completed in ten days. When the value engineering completed and there is reason to believe new financing is available to cover any additional cost, the Council will again decide whether or not to proceed. 

When the time came to vote on the resolution before them, aldermen Robert "Doc" Donahue (Fifth Ward), Tiffany Garriga (Second Ward), Abdus Miah (Second Ward), and Ohrine Stewart (Fourth Ward) voted no. The rest of the Council voted aye, which was sufficient for the resolution to pass with 1,199 affirmative votes and 829 negative votes.

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