Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fleshing Out the Story

In today's Register-Star, Arthur Cusano reports on the incidents that took place in the vicinity of Warren and Second streets over the weekend: "Man arrested after shots fired on Warren Street." HPD chief Ed Moore is quoted in the article as saying, "This is in keeping with the factual report I presented back on October 27. Despite Mrs. Walthour's efforts, the area around the Savoia is a lightning rod for criminal behavior. Especially after 2 a.m. The facts are the facts." 

Mrs. Walthour places the blame elsewhere. She is reported to have told the New York State Liquor Authority, during a compliance hearing that took place earlier this month, "The only time we ever had problems or complaints is when the New York City people moved here and they're trying to change it. We are the only black establishment in Columbia and Greene counties and we do run a decent establishment. The fights that occur are not in the premises but across the street or around the corner. We have one neighbor that constantly calls, she is like five doors away, she brings chicken bones and says, 'these come from you.' These are the kind of people we're having to deal with."

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